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Art Direction, Concept

Converse Compound Lowlands

Fourteen black containers placed in a perfect circle. Established in a very unique and identifiable area. Once people entered the circle, they were in the world of the Converse Compound. Music, art, fashion and authenticity created the atmosphere, instead of an over abundance of branding. Each container had it’s own content. The art container became a studio where artists turned each surface into a painting. At two ‘Chuck–o–Matic’ containers, visitors could have their Chucks customized by artists and musicians who were performing at the festival. The Infadels, Vive la Fête, GEM and others went crazy on the Chucks, creating the ultimate festival footwear. For three days the Converse Booth was a sparkling, popular hangout, with more than 20,000 visitors.


Oosteinde 11
1017 WT Amsterdam

Copyright 2017 by ALWT | At Least We Try